Tokyo, December 17, 2018 — ANEW Holdings Inc. (“ANEW HD”) has launched Sunkaku, LLC., a new joint venture by Sun Capital Management Corp. (“Sun Capital Management”) and ANEW HD’s US subsidiary ANEW Lifestyle, LLC. (“ANEW Lifestyle”) that will provide local OEM, logistics, sales solutions and total supply chain development for apparels, as well as offering financing solutions in North America.

Sunkaku’s Purpose of Establishment
Sun Capital Management and US-based ANEW Lifestyle jointly established “Sunkaku” to conduct investment businesses in the competitive US economy. With the global trade and customs situation becoming increasingly uncertain, we believe that “Made in U.S.A.” will become a key trend moving forward. By organically connecting the three pillars of North America, Japan and Asia, Sunkaku will support the growth of new brands and corporations.

About Sunkaku
Sunkaku will provide local OEM, logistics and sales solutions and establish a total supply chain that links each process, as well as offering financing solutions to companies that does business in North America. The services will be aimed towards small/mid-sized brands, manufactures and startups who are looking to expand and develop business in North America, but lack the required local sales network and a strong production/logistics base. Targets will include local North American companies, as well as East Asian companies (China, Taiwan, Korea, etc.) that aim to expand into North America. Sunkaku’s distinct feature is that, not only will it take on commissioned work from early-stage companies and emerging brands, but will also combine it with financing solutions necessary for business expansion and the development of a supply chain to connect each step of the process.

With regards to the sales network, Sankaku will use existing networks owned by supporting companies and expand the EC (including Amazon), platform and retail stores owned by ANEW Lifestyle, as well as supporting expansion of sales channels from North America to Japan and Asian territories. Furthermore, by leveraging ANEW Lifestyle’s strength in influencer marketing, Sunkaku plans to offer sales promotion services that would directly reach the consumers.

Company Name: Sunkaku, LLC.
Representative: James Kuo, CEO
Office: 2345 E 37th Street, Vernon, CA 90058 U.S.A.
Principal Business: OEM/distribution/sales agent for companies in North America and financing services
Date of Establishment: December 17, 2018

Overview of Sunkaku’s Business Scheme



ANEW Lifestyle and Sun Capital Management’s Role
ANEW Lifestyle provides various marketing-assistance services and support for expansion into North American market to Japan and East-Asian (China, Taiwan, Korea, etc.) companies that aim to develop business in North America. Sun Capital Management has utilized their know-how in finance consulting and fund structuring to carry out investments into high-potential growth companies with new technologies/products/ideas in both Japan and Asia. By fully leveraging Sun Capital Management’s financial knowledge and expertise and ANEW Lifestyle’s know-how and network in business development, the parties will take on the role of a business accelerator that contributes towards the growth of businesses.

About Sun Capital Management Corp.
Sun Capital Management is an investment firm based on structured finance such as securitization, and is comprised of 6 companies including consolidated subsidiaries. The company mainly invests in real estate/clean energy, and also handles M&A as part of their corporate renewal and consulting services.

Company Name: Sun Capital Management Corporation
Representative: Kenji Maeda, Chief Executive Officer
Head Office: 5F Shininosakadoi Building, 7-5-25 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, JAPAN
Listed Market: Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (Listed Code: 2134)

About ANEW Lifestyle, LCC.
ANEW Lifestyle is a business incubator who develops business-changing, culture-defining ideas for brands to execute profit-driven programming, seamless logistics, comprehensive marketing and conversion-based social influencer promotions.  We have access to more than 120+ influencers in the U.S. with a combined reach of 100+ million followers. ANEW Lifestyle supports the global marketing efforts of Japanese brands.

Company Name: ANEW Lifestyle, LLC.
Representative: James Kuo, CEO
Office: 333 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90071 U.S.A.

About ANEW Holdings Inc.
ANEW Holdings is a global incubation and venture advisory group providing financial and business support to both domestic and overseas companies for the development of new business and promotion of strategy. Focus areas include platform models, consumer goods, media & entertainment and technologies. Headquarters in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, ANEW Holdings is represented by CEO Yuji Fujinaga and COO Wataru Ito. The company’s U.S. office is located in Los Angeles, California, and its India office is in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

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