Tokyo — ANEW Holdings Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Representative: Yuji Fujinaga and Wataru Ito; hereafter “ANEW HD”), the Osaka Prefectural Government (Governer: Ichiro Matsui) and Sun Capital Management Corp. (Office: Yodogawa-ku Osaka; hereafter “Sun Capital”) have entered into a partnership agreement (“Agreement”) to promote the use of the “Growth Fund for Social Issue-solving Businesses”. Details of the Agreement are as follows.

The objective of this Agreement is to support the growth of businesses that will use the “Growth Fund for Social Issue-solving Businesses” to solve a wide range of social and administrative problems within Osaka prefecture.

Based on Osaka’s venture development project “Booming!”, part of the Growth-oriented founder support initiative which was driven by the Osaka prefectural government, and Sun Capital’s background in having discussed a possible partnership with Osaka prefecture to promote the support towards venture firms, this fund will invest in venture capitals through the CVC-FUND (Corporate Venture-capital Fund) which will be established in April 2018 to provide such investments, as part of a long-term growth strategy.

The CVC-FUND is expected to be established in April, and subject to the terms of the Financial Instruments Exchange Act, ANEW HD (experienced in fund formation, social impact and solving social issues) is expected to be involved as as a general partner (GP).

Based on Sun Capital’s past records, this fund will invest in business and ventures that have potentials of developing new technologies, products and ideas.

【Overview of the Agreement】

  • Name: Partnership Agreement to Promote the Use of “Growth Fund for Social Issue-solving Businesses”
  • Areas of Partnership:
    ① Promote the use of “Growth Fund for Social Issue-solving Businesses” towards businesses that are working to solve social problems in Osaka.
    ② Partner with a wide range of industrial support organizations to promote the use of the “Growth Fund for Social Issue-solving Businesses”.
    ③ Gather supporters for the investments made through “Growth Fund for Social Issue-solving Businesses”, provide growth support.
  • Main Sreas: Social issue-solving business that utilizes Environment, welfare, health, tourism/inbound, agriculture, city development, Sports/culture, disaster-prevention, sharing economy, AI/IoT/Big Data, and robot technology.

Overview of Social Issue-solving Business Growth Fund (CVC-FUND)

  • Official Name: Social Issue-solving Business Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership
  • Total Amount of Fund: 300M JPY (through capital-call by investment committee)
  • Partners:
    Limited Partner (LP): Sun Capital
    General Partner (GP): ANEW HD
  • Fund Management Period: 10 years
  • Object of Investment: Promising venture companies that operate social issue-solving businesses

When actual investments are to be made, an investment committee comprised of LP, GP and a third-party securities firm will be established, to conduct evaluation and selection based on standards that heavily value the amount of social impact and efforts to tackle social issues. Moreover, subject to the amount within the investment budget that’s been committed in advance with the CVC-FUND during the term of the investment partnership, Sun Capital will invest that amount upon capital-call by the investment committee.

About Sun Capital

Sun Capital is an investment firm based on structured finance such as securitization, and is comprised of 6 companies including consolidated subsidiaries. The company mainly invests in real estate/clean energy, and also handles M&A as part of their corporate renewal and consulting services.

  • Company Name: Sun Capital Management Corp.
  • Representative: Chief Executive Officer: Kenji Maeda
  • Head Office: 5F Shininosakadoi Building, 7-5-25 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, JAPAN
  • Listed Market: Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (Listed Code: 2134)
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