Tokyo, July 2018 — ANEW Holdings Inc. (“ANEW HD”) and the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering Tanaka Laboratory (“Tanaka Laboratory”) are jointly launching a research team to analyze social media posts by influencers at ANEW Lifestyle LLC. (“ANEW Lifestyle”), a subsidiary of ANEW HD, as well as their impact on the market and consumer behavior.

Based on the expertise of Tanaka Laboratory on demand forecasting and simulation, the research team will develop an algorithm and software which measures the impact of influencer marketing initiatives, something which was previously not considered measurable.

While there are companies that engage influencers and agencies which employ these marketing initiatives, the way, the method of analysis and measurement is still varied, and a field that is nascent in its development. Moreover, though influencer marketing analyses on the Japanese market have been conducted, that of foreign markets have been extremely limited. The team will utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the correlations between social media posts and product sales, to identify the best influencers suited for marketing efforts of a given brand or product.

Through the program, in conjunction with ANEW Lifestyle’s network of influencers based in North America, the goal is to come up with effective marketing solutions that will empower Japanese corporations selling products in the North American market.


<About Kenji Tanaka, Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo>
Obtained his Ph.D. in Systems Innovation at the University of Tokyo, Mr. Tanaka has worked at McKinsey & Company and Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. Since 2007, he has been Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo School of Engineering and has resumed his current position since 2013. His research focuses on demand forecasting, simulation, data mining, systems design, service design and related fields.

<About ANEW Lifestyle>
ANEW Lifestyle is a business incubator who develops business-changing, culture-defining ideas for brands to execute profit-driven programming, seamless logistics, comprehensive marketing and conversion-based social influencer promotions.  We have access to more than 120+ influencers in the U.S. with a combined reach of 100+ million followers. ANEW Lifestyle supports the global marketing efforts of Japanese brands.

<About ANEW Holdings>
A global business incubator with head offices in Japan, the United States and India. ANEW Holdings supports the global business strategies of Japanese corporations, and generates business opportunities by implementing new and original approaches for companies seeking management and organizational change.

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