1. About the Fund’s Inception

Tokyo, February 7, 2020 — ANEW Holdings Inc., a company which main business activity is in overseas expansion support for Japanese listed companies and startups, has launched the Taiwan Entertainment Fund Investment Limited Partnership (TEF). Through this new fund, ANEW Holdings aims to bridge international business opportunities with Japanese investees. While some services and technologies have matured in the Japanese domestic market, oftentimes they prove innovative in foreign markets, but to identify these opportunities it is vital to have an international and active network of business partners. It is equally critical for the Japanese portfolio companies to have the systems and ability to mobilize as the opportunities arise. Our fund supports investees by providing not only the opportunities, but also assisting with building such capabilities.

2. Our Investment Strategy

Investments will target companies ranging from startups to SMEs, as well as domestic and international entertainment companies and related projects. The fund will particularly focus its investments on the visual arts, performance arts, cultural assets, convention and exhibition, fine arts, film and video, radio and television, literature and publishing, pop music and cultural content industries.

3. Our Exit Strategy

The government of Taiwan has positioned these entertainment sectors as national industries with the goal of strategically bolstering them, greatly deregulating the listing standards for related companies. Under these new guidelines, the fund foresees IPOs on the Taipei Exchange (TPEx) as a strategic exit channel for its investment portfolio companies.

4. Offering Hands-on Support

Anew Holdings will provide hands-on support to the companies and projects it invests in through various services and resources including IPO support on TPEx and sourcing overseas business opportunities.

5. Fund Overview

  • Fund NameTaiwan:Entertainment Fund Investment Limited Partnership(Taiwan Entertainment Fund Investment LPS)

  • Country of Origin:Japan

  • Target Fund Size:2,000,000,000 JPY

  • Date of Inception:February 7, 2020

  • Fund Duration:5 years(Feb 7, 2020 – Feb 6, 2025) With the possibility of a 2-year extension

  • General Partner(GP):ANEW Holdings Inc.

  • Limited Partners(LP):Listed companies and institutional investors

ANEW Holdings Media Contact: info@anewhd.com