Tokyo, March 17, 2020 – Anew Holdings announces the establishment of its new Investment Partnership FARM to TABLE FUND (“FARM to TABLE FUND”), a corporate venture capital that will invest in companies which contribute to the food value chain domestically and internationally.

1.    Establishment of the Fund

As the times change, so shifts the consumers’ awareness towards food safety. Over the years, Japan’s domestic produce has gained a steadfast reputation for its quality. At the grocers, it is now common to see farmers’ names displayed by or on fresh produce. On the other hand, though the agriculture industry faces several issues including spikes in crude oil prices, a shortage of drivers impacting logistics, an aging farming population and potential labor shortages, as well as climate change and severe weather conditions, price remains sticky and reflecting such market conditions is difficult.

The use of cutting edge technologies such as AI and robotics has become imperative for food value chain industries. The FARM to TABLE FUND will seek to build a “farm to table” ecosystem revolving around agriculture by way of conducting investments in one company per food value chain sector, cross-functional collaboration, and introducing new technologies and services in the process.

Together with Berg Earth and EVOLUTION JAPAN Asset Management, we are co-establishing the FARM to TABLE FUND, with investments targeting companies in the food value chain sectors, companies with potential business synergies in relation to our long-term growth strategies, and companies or industries with strong growth potential. Anew Holdings will actively source investment companies and provide hands-on support to companies backed by the fund.

2. Overview of the FARM to TABLE FUND

Fund Name : FARM to TABLE FUND Investment Limited Partnership

(FARM to TABLE Fund Investment LPS)

Target Fund Size : 500,000,000 JPY

Date of Establishment : March 17, 2020

Fund Duration : 10 years with the possibility of a 2-year extension

Fund Members:

General Partner (GP): ANEW Holdings Inc.

Limited Partners (LP): Berg Earth Co., Ltd. , EVOLUTION JAPAN Asset Management Co., Ltd.